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Tania comes with a wealth of experience at a leadership level. She understands what is necessary to drive high level performance, with the flexibility and capability to adapt her approach to changing circumstances. Tania has a rare ability to engage with all levels of an organisation and has a deep interest in helping people to flourish whilst inspiring them to push beyond their boundaries.

Julie MacDonald, HR Director and Executive Coach

I recruited Tania to lead and manage a region of established Whitbread restaurants through an exciting transformation, that necessitated a significant cultural shift and the accompanying tough decisions. She proved to be an empathetic and consultative leader. Her engagement with her own team ensured that the business could continue to thrive whilst the necessary changes were driven through. Tania demonstrated her commitment to helping people develop and grow, and to reach their full potential. A loyal and highly committed team player who puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

Jason Thomas, Managing Director, ASK Italian

People fascinate me.  I love to see them grow in confidence and ability.  I look for their potential  - everyone has it.  I want to inspire them to achieve more than they ever thought they could.  I view everyone as a work in progress including myself. 

For years I meandered through various jobs and careers, quite successfully from the outside, but never quite sure where I was going or why. 

Now I am sure what I want, what my purpose is in this one life, and how I will fulfil it.  I am sharing my learning,  experience and skills to make a difference in as many lives as I can. 

After 25 years in corporate hospitality in leadership roles in branded restaurants operations and HR, I am combining my business experience and my natural inclination to coach and mentor people to deliver training and coaching workshops that change businesses and lives.

My mission is to help businesses and individuals have their best year ever.

Recruiting Coaches

As a Senior Coach for YB12 (Your Best Year Ever) I am privileged to be able to offer the YB12 staff productivity and team development training programmes, which are all about how to Have Your Best Year Ever in business and life.

The programmes have been developed over 25 years by practitioners and psychologists and are now used in English-speaking countries around the globe, but only recently introduced into the UK.  YB12 training and coaching is practical, focused and has a proven track record of delivering results.  

I am looking for people, who are driven to work with people or businesses, to become future YB12 coaches.  This is a self-employed opportunity, however the support and training given by YB12 is second to none, and is on-going.  You could be part of this fresh new face of coaching and training in the UK, by joining our great team. Visit the YB12 website here to find out more.  

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact me on and we can discuss it.  

To find out more about having a lifestyle business that fulfils your passion for helping people, follow this link to the Cambridge News UK that details a day in my life! 

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07803 615 485