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So you want to write a blog?

What’s stopping you?  

The same thing that stops us from doing anything we know we want to do and need to do…. Doubt.  Actually self-doubt.  Really – it’s fear: what might people think of me?  They will judge me!  They will be able to see inside my head!  I’m unworthy.  Or even worse: boring!  Aaagh…

A life lived in fear is a life half lived…

My favourite quote, actually a Spanish proverb central to the gorgeous Baz Luhrmann film Strictly Ballroom.

I really wanted to write for years, long before blogs were invented, before ebooks and emails and social media came along.  But fear held me back.  From being a story-writer at age 14 since then I haven’t written anything worth reading (unless you wanted to know why you had just been sacked or why we should make pizza restaurants more attractive to the Chinese market).

Then I met an extraordinary person this morning and he threw down the gauntlet. Just do it he said, or you will have to buy me breakfast at the next meeting we’re at. Well, call me tight if you will but this was the catalyst I needed to overcome my fear.  Thank you Sail – As in Boat - you have unleashed me!  (