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Tania has recently become my coach & mentor...and that person who can hold me really accountable. She helped me find where I wanted to go next with my business to take it to the next level...mainly because she has helped me find my "Why"!  I thought I had it nailed, but it was never enough to really motivate me, until Tania delved deeper and brought it out of me. Her skills, her techniques and her ability to gently push you in the right direction when you need it most have been brilliant and exactly what I needed. 
For the first time in 2 years, I've become properly excited about my business again. Not the 75% excited, but a full on 100% and raring to go. This isn't all down to business though, she's helped me to focus on personal goals and challenging myself to take risks. Tania has helped me focus on my life as a whole, not just the 9-5 which I've been doing for years! 2017 WILL be my best year ever.  Steve Webb, Owner/Director ThirstFirst

Not that long ago I found myself at a crossroad. My personal and work lives were becoming increasingly disjointed and I knew I needed to re-balance, re-focus and fine tune them so that “they” would go back to being “it”. Tania has helped me enormously to put things together. She has also equipped me with a much-needed perspective, knowledge and personal-growth skills, which I now apply daily.

Like any journey, my YB12 adventure took research, preparation, motivation, commitment and a great guide (i.e. Tania) in order to be both successful and enjoyable. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any “downs” on my way, but I can honestly say that for every “down” there were at least a dozen “ups” – personal wins (big or small), unexpected opportunities, wonderful encounters and fabulous memories. With my first stage of the YB12 journey now over, I very much look forward to what my next best years will bring! Dr Janka Skrzypek, Independent Researcher

'Without the YB12 programme I wouldn't have made bold decisions such as relocating to Singapore to further develop my life and career. It gave me the confidence to stand out from the crowd and make this kind of bold decision. My personal life also continues to grow as I become closer to my partner through being honest with my feelings and just a nicer person to be around.
I would recommend the programme to anyone wanting clarity over goals and furthering their enjoyment and development of life. It certainly clears away the cobwebs in the brain and allows you to concentrate on the real priorities, to be successful and enjoy life.
Tania as a coach has been great at unlocking the real me and helping me to focus, without being demanding or pushy in anyway. I have seen Tania as a support, friend and mentor throughout the process and will miss our monthly catch ups which helped me stay on track.'  Rob Stubbing General Manager PizzaExpress Singapore

'Tania is amazing to work with, very inspiring, motivational and knowledgable. I am loving having her regular dedicated time and support to help me fathom out what I want or need to pay attention to month by month in order to achieve what's important to me goal wise. She has the skills and tools to help me take action, keep on track or to help me see if a change of direction would be beneficial' S. Stevens

'Tania's coaching, as well as the programme's sequence of modules, has allowed me to strip away the fog (generally procrastinating) that was filling my thought process, and thus allowed me to just get stuff done and recognise my success.  The coaching has allowed me to focus on what the real priorities are and how to achieve goals with speed and a true sense of achievement.  I am feeling more confident and contented.  I would recommend Tania and the YB12 programme as it has been transformational for me personally, how I operate and how my business is progressing.'  Benny Peverelli, Co-founder, Pint Shop

'Tania helped me to leave my comfort zone and see beyond the horizon. I'm more aware about my choices and now I know I'm the only one responsible for my achievements. Nobody else. Everyday when I wake up I choose to be better than yesterday and I’m taking one step at a time.'  Fernanda Lima, Manager, PizzaExpress

Rich and I - 10m start'Having completed the YB12 with Tania its had a massive impact on both my personal and professional life. I feel completely in control of my life and am loving the perspective it has given me.
In addition our management team are half way though the programme and the benefit to the business is huge. We are approaching situations with a similar mindset now and that is really powerful stuff’.'   Rich Holmes, Co-founder,  Pint Shop

'The Total Focus workshop made me reflect on my current status, and to establish and commit to achievable goals. Tania's approach was supportive and challenging without being intrusive or judgemental which I think was key. I have since made real progress and my only wish would be that I had done it earlier!'   Herve De Belder, General Manager, PizzaExpress

'I now feel more equipped and able to move forward with my life... to achieve what I want.'  Lou Jolley, Manager, Whitbread Restaurants

'In just 45 minutes Tania has really made me think about my next steps in life and what I need to do to achieve them!'  Roman Sierankowski, Head of New Brands, PizzaExpress

'Tania helped me - when I was going through a very rough patch in my life and feeling lost and helpless - setting goals and priorities, thinking more clearly about my life, building my confidence and regaining my strength. I would warmly recommend Tania as she is a lovely, smart, warm lady making me feel at ease every time I meet her, and she is very professional.'  Corina Tisan, Accountant